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PokéStop Guidelines

PokéStops must carry personal or community significance, cannot already be a PokéStop, and must be in accessible and safe locations, including:

• In a publicly accessible area (i.e. cannot be on private property, school, or your home).

• Pedestrian friendly.

• Not in the middle of the road or in a body of water.

• Easy to identify.

• Has some sort of visual marker nearby (ex: sculpture or building plaque, street address).

Video Submission Guidelines

• Videos should focus solely on the location and its significance to you and your community.

• Videos should be no more than 60 seconds long.

• They will be judged on best creative efforts.

• Do not use copyrighted images or licensed music, including any related to Pokémon.  

Participant Guidelines

• Participants must be over 13 years old to submit on their own behalf. If participants are under the age of 13, an individual 18 years or older can submit on their behalf.